Things they don’t teach us in school

As some of you may know, I just recently graduated from high school and I’m pretty sure I learned everything in the curriculum but there are a few things they left out. The education system is so concrete and basic! They don’t teach us life skills and that can potentially hinder us. Most people have parents who teach them right from wrong and show them how to do various tasks but what about those kids who don’t learn basic life skills? What do they have to offer to the world if they aren’t learning anything? Lucky for me, my parents are a little older and know a little bit more than most parents so they have taught me all the tricks of the trade.

The first thing I wanted to touch on was self love. I have never once learned how to love myself, in school. I understand it’s not apart of the curriculum but we have had classes that weren’t apart of the curriculum since 6th grade. I don’t see why we couldn’t have one measly little self love class. I can attest to the fact that it would have benefitted so many lives, especially mine. I think self love is so important. To be able to love yourself is incredibly amazing. So many people in high school and even middle school struggle with self love. I, unfortunately, was one of those people. I didn’t hate myself but I didn’t have any self love either. I didn’t feel like I was beautiful. I didn’t feel liked by many of my classmates and I found myself searching for acceptance in all the wrong places. I was looking for love where love did not exist. Because of that I made many mistakes, mistakes I wish to erase but don’t regret because they have made me who I am today. I know that this is all apart of God’s plan for my life and that he would not have put me through it if he didn’t think I could handle it. The woman I am today, loves every part of herself. I am so grateful to be able to love myself because I know that people my age still struggle with it. I think we can all agree that the quadratic formula cannot teach self love. I think this goes without saying, but love yourself people!

Another thing, your mental health should be prioritized always always.They don’t teach this in school but your mental health is so much more important than your school work. Β I know several students who I grew up with that would tell me they got two hours of sleep because they were studying for a test. And maybe their mental health was in tact, but what about those students who are completely drained because of their lack of sleep due to the pressures of society. I am guilty of taking many mental health days during high school because sometimes, it’s just too much. High schoolers have so much pressure to be great and some people execute it beautifully. I envy them because that was definitely not me. I was great to my parents and that is really all that matters to me. There are those kids, though, that weren’t as lucky as me. Kids that really struggled with their mental health, in silence, because it wasn’t something you were “supposed” to talk about. We have always been taught about the importance of sex education and to speak out about bullying, but never mental health. Schools should teach students that school is also an “it’s ok to not be ok zone” too! Society sees mental health disorders as weaknesses, conditioning young children that it’s not okay to talk about it. Your mental health is something you will live with all of your life and because it isn’t talked about in school, many people go into their adult life still struggling with it.

Those two topics really hit home for me so I wanted to dig a little deeper into them but there are still other things they don’t teach us like managing money, how to do taxes, or how to change a tire. Funny story, I had two different tires on my car go flat within three weeks of each other and I had no idea how to change a tire. Although it’s my first car and I had no reason to know how to change a tire before then, I still would have liked to know how to change a tire. I also didn’t know how an engine worked and how complex it is. I needed an oil change and all this other stuff and I didn’t even know. I am aware that there are places that can quickly do these things for you but I am pretty independent and if I can save money and do it myself, then I will. While I’m grateful for my education and all the things I did learn in school, I’m getting older and realizing that I don’t even use half of those things in my every day life. The fact that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with how I live my life. If you are younger and happen to be reading this, then please learn how to do these things, and if you are a parent, teach your children basic life skills! That is all for now. Remember to be happy.

Zaria πŸ™‚




4 thoughts on “Things they don’t teach us in school

  1. I love both your posts! πŸ™‚ These are awesome ideas, I think a class/seminar on self-love would be so so influential and change a lot of lives. Quick question (and you can have a quick answer! πŸ™‚ if you have time cause ik college keeps everyone super busy) as a future elementary teacher haha is there anything outside of the core curriculum in elementary school (character building, etc.) you thought was awesome? anything you think should be added?

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