Social media hiatus

I feel like so much of my life is consumed by social media. I don’t like that. I am not concentrating on school work the way I want to because I’m scrolling through Instagram.

With that being said, I am taking a break. I want to have more time to do my work and find other things to occupy my time. I hope to start working out or blog more. Whatever can fill that gap so that when I get back on social media, I am not relying on it for entertainment.

I will still be blogging but I will not be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. I’m not going to tell anyone other than my good friends and I will have my god sister run my snapchat for me.

What I hope to gain from this experience is a better understanding of myself. I think that I spend way too much time with my face in my phone. I will also not be taking pictures unless it is for class. I am going to try and explore the emotion behind the moment. Enjoy the moment I am in without documenting it. I can document it into my memories. I feel like my life is flying by so quickly and I want to be able to say that I enjoyed it. Very short today because I just wanted to explain my hiatus. That is all for now. Remember to be happy.

Zaria đŸ™‚


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